Undress AI: The 3 best apps for undressing a person with AI

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Undress AI tools can now undress any image with a person! 😱

In recent years, AI has given rise to some incredible innovations. One of them? Undress AI applications. These software programs, also known as "Undress AI Apps", are a kind of "deepfake" application capable of manipulating images to make models or people appear without clothing.

In this article, we take you through the best free Undress AI apps to use to remove clothing from any person in an image.

Things to remember

  • The best Undress AI app Unclothy.
  • The emergence of Undress AI tools, capable of digitally undressing people in images, represents a significant innovation in AI, but raises serious ethical issues, particularly in terms of consent and the risk of abuse.
  • Despite their creative potential, it is crucial to use these technologies responsibly and with an awareness of the ethical implications, particularly concerning privacy and respect for consent.

List of the best Undress AI applications

  1. Unclothy
  2. Undress.app
  3. Undress.love

We're fascinated by, but also cautious about, advances in AI, especially when it comes to image manipulation. These tools offer incredible creative possibilities, but at what price, dear readers?

The risk of abuse is real: explicit non-consensual images or "deepfakes" can easily be created, posing serious ethical problems. That's why we've analyzed the best free Undress AI tools, also known as AI undress software, focusing on their features and security, including content moderation policies.

Our conclusion? Informed and responsible use of these technologies is essential. We encourage you to join us in this approach, exploiting their benefits while remaining vigilant to potential risks.

Unclothy landing page


AI-powered Unclothy revolutionizes the way images are digitally altered, allowing clothes to be virtually removed to create a modified version of the photo. Thanks to deep learning algorithms, users can adapt images according to specific preferences such as age and body type, with rapid results.

The platform adopts a freemium model, offering limited credits for free trials and way to add more credits using packages.

Key features of Unclothy:

  • Image manipulation: The tool uses AI to analyze and modify photos, revealing what lies beneath the clothing.
  • Personalization: The tool perfectly detect the age, body type and adapt its generation accordingly.
  • Privacy: Unclothy stands out for its no-data-storage policy, ensuring the confidentiality and security of user information.

Why choose Unclothy?

  • Automatic detection: Unclothy automatically detects clothes, there is no need to select them using an inpaint method.
  • Free credits: 2 free credits; plus 1 credit per invited friend, and 10% of the purchased credits.
  • Quality and price: The best quality of photos at competitive prices, starting at $0.017 per image.

Unclothy prices:

  • $1 offer: 15 high-quality images, no watermark (= $0.06 per image),
  • $2 offer: 40 high-quality images, no watermark (= $0.05 per image),
  • $4 offer: 100 high-quality images, no watermark (= $0.04 per image),
  • $7 offer: 250 high-quality images, no watermark (= $0.028 per image),
  • $10 offer: 500 high-quality images, no watermark (= $0.02 per image),
  • $17 offer: 1000 high-quality images, no watermark (= $0.017 per image).

Unclothy is the best tool for advanced image, offering high-quality images at a low price.

Undress.app landing page


Unclothy, powered by AI, introduces a controversial shift in digital image manipulation by enabling the virtual removal of clothing, thereby generating modified versions of photos. Utilizing advanced deep learning algorithms, individuals can tailor images based on personal preferences like age and body type, yielding fast outcomes.

The platform adopts a freemium model, offering limited free trials and subscription options for unlimited use. It's important to highlight the ethical issues raised by such technology, particularly in terms of consent. Responsible and ethical use of the platform is therefore crucial.

Key features of Undress.app:

  • Image manipulation: The tool uses AI to analyze and modify photos, revealing what lies beneath the clothing.
  • Personalization: Images are generated according to user preferences, such as age and body type, although accuracy can vary.

Why choose Undress.app?

  • User control: Undress.app gives complete control over the areas to be modified.
  • Free trials: 10 free trials, more than many competitors offer.
  • Quality and price: Good-quality photos at competitive prices, starting at $0.30 per image.

Undress.app rates:

  • Basic: $5.49/month for 15 credits, medium-quality images, fast queue, and body modification.
  • Standard: $16.99/month for 90 credits, high quality images, no queue, more detailed body modification, and fast generation.
  • Pro: $37.99/month for 600 credits, excellent images, no queuing, advanced body and age customization, no watermark.

Undress.app is the tool of choice for advanced image editing, offering flexibility and quality to its users.

Undress.love landing page


Undress.love is a cutting-edge AI tool specializing in digital image undressing. Using advanced AI models to recreate images, this tool offers a multitude of personalization options to its users. Renowned for its processing speed, it ensures an immersive AI-driven experience. The platform makes a point of protecting users' privacy and data, without storing any data. Although basic use is free, additional features are available via a premium subscription. Despite the risks of misuse and invasion of privacy, Undress.love can produce innovative results in a variety of sectors, provided it is used responsibly and with the consent of the people concerned.

Why choose Undress.love?

  • Its advanced AI technology offers unrivalled precision in image undressing.
  • The user interface is designed for easy, intuitive interaction.
  • Confidentiality and data protection are guaranteed, enhancing user security.
  • With its ability to generate manipulated and customizable nudes, Undress.love offers a unique creative experience, setting it apart from other similar platforms.

Undress.love prices:

  • Standard plan: $7.50/month,
  • Pro Plan: $15/month.

What's more, you can earn free credits for undressing images by referring friends, with 2 credits offered per invitation.

Undress.love is an innovative and ethical solution for users wishing to explore the possibilities of AI undressing, while preserving confidentiality and respect for personal data.